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Today’s article is driven/inspired by Facebook posts early this morning.

I posted an article from Bloomberg (a reliable source) stating that the jobless rate had hit a 50 year low. I thought that was amazing – going back to the very early years of the Nixon Presidency. I thought, “gee, it is nice to see some good news!”

It didn’t take long for the article to be questioned, attacked, and belittled. Statements about jobs not paying a living wage morphed into an attack on me for calling poor people lazy. I never said anything except that I saw job postings in (This City).

Differing opinions, none with any linked facts, led to confrontations between different followers and friends of mine. I ended up deleting the entire thread, feeling very sad that comments went the direction they did.

It was/is a perfect microcosm of the America I see today.

A few minutes later, a different post appeared on my timeline. It said, “Some people could be given an entire field of roses and see only the thorns in it.

“Others could be given a single weed and see only the wildflower in it.

“Perception is a key component to gratitude. And gratitude is a key component to joy.”

That really some it up, doesn’t it? Those who are angry, for whatever reason, see the thorns. Those who see the flower have joy. The article I posted was a flower to me but to others, it was a field of thorns. How terribly sad that is.

It is sad NOT that they see the thorns but that they lack the joy to see even a single flower. Perception colors and shapes our moods and vice versa. It is hard to escape that place – I know, I have been there (and sometimes still go back there).

Damn the thorns and full speed ahead.

May joy find you even as you look for it.

Thanks for reading.


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